What’s Making Us Laugh: Event Recap

On June 4th, 2024 entertainment industry professionals, comedians, and democratic reformers gathered together to discuss ‘What’s Making Us Laugh? What Role Does Comedy Play in Pulling Us Together – or Driving Us Apart?’

The event featured the following participants: Caty Borum (Executive Director, Center for Media & Social Impact), Blake Pickens (Emmy Award Winning Comedian & Filmmaker), Rob Long (Writer & Producer, “Cheers”; Co-Founder, Ricochet), Pedro Silva (Director of Engagement, YOUnify), Karith Foster (Founder and CEO of Inversity Solutions, Author “You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy”), Tane Danger, Brandon Boat, Tryg Throntveit (Creators of “Sketches of Minnesota”) Kevin Lindsey (CEO, Minnesota Humanities Center), Dr. Dave Caplan, PhD (Writer & Executive Producer of ABC’s “The Conners”), Rob Feld (Filmmaker, Journalist), Libby Stegger (Executive Director, Move for America), and Steven Olikara (President, Bridge Entertainment Labs)

Watch the full event recording below.

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