Formerly the Center for Entertainment and Civic Health

Storytellers can be the heroes ​America needs right now.

As an entertainment professional, you can be part of the solution. 

Participate in BEL sponsored workshops, webinars, and events.

Create content that transcends and transforms America’s divides rather than fueling them.

As creators of entertainment, integrate depolarizing strategies into projects at their inception or into existing shows already on air.

Events (more coming soon):

  • Democracy Funders Network: “Shaping Culture”  June 2022
  • “Can Entertainment Save A Polarized America? The Power of TV and Film to Transform America’s Partisan Conflicts”  (in partnership with The Impact Guild) June 2022
  • Storytellers Workshop (in partnership with Resetting the Table and the Impact Guild) (June 2022)
  • 2021 Summit: “Hollywood and Storytelling in a Divided America” October 2021
  • Storytellers Workshop (in partnership with Resetting the Table) December 2021