About Bridge Entertainment Labs

We created Bridge Entertainment Labs to help reverse the trend towards deepening division in America by promoting the creation of content that humanizes political tribes to one another, develops shared cultural spaces for Americans of different backgrounds and beliefs, and fosters the societal preconditions for healthy civic debate and collaborative problem-solving.

We believe the entertainment industry has a powerful role to play in helping us overcome the “us versus them” dynamics that are fracturing our country.


Of Americans believe that other Americans are the biggest threat to the country


Of Americans report having “too little” or “far too little” trust in each other


Of Americans say political polarization is a threat to America

We activate entertainment media to unite Americans across lines of difference and build an aspirational narrative for civic engagement

Enter the storytellers. Enter the narrative shifters.

Entertainment can offer America a different script.

Bridge Entertainment Labs accelerates the creation of content that fosters social cohesion and pluralistic norms. Our mission is to inspire and support the creation of content that transforms the way Americans see and engage with each other across divides. 

We empower storytellers to reach broad cross-partisan audiences, model healthy conflict around societal fault lines, and build authentic, multidimensional characters with diverse points of view. We do this through a three-tier system:


civic health and social cohesion as a mainstay topic and impact cause for the entertainment industry.


creatives to produce content that bridges divides and models healthy conflict.


the entertainment industry with data, research, and resources to accelerate the creation of content that strengthens America’s social fabric.

Studios would make more money if they tell the story of America, the American workplace, and American family. America is big loud cacophonous place, and the neighborhood in America is people who live together in relative peace.

Rob Long, Writer & Producer, “Cheers”; Co-Founder, Ricochet, Bridge Entertainment Labs Advisory Council Member, at Hollywood & Storytelling in a Divided America