Formerly the Center for Entertainment and Civic Health

Together, we are the solution.

Story has the ability to build bridges of understanding, tolerance, empathy and respect, helping us to make sense of our lives and the world around us. The time has come to use the infinite power of story, as expressed through entertainment and performing arts, to inspire social impact.

 Teri Schwartz, Former Dean UCLA School of
    Theater, Film, and Television

We created Bridge Entertainment Labs to help reverse the trend towards deepening division in America by promoting the creation of content that humanizes political tribes to one another, develops shared cultural spaces for Americans of different backgrounds and beliefs, and fosters the societal preconditions for healthy civic debate and collaborative problem-solving. To that end, we’ve assembled an expert network of social scientists, bridge-building practitioners, and entertainment industry stakeholders who are working together to:


ELEVATE civic health and social cohesion as a mainstay topic and impact cause for the entertainment industry.


EMPOWER creatives to produce content that bridges divides and models healthy conflict.


EQUIP the entertainment industry with data, research, and resources to accelerate the creation of content that strengthens America’s social fabric.

We are a bridge that connects the entertainment industry to researchers, bridging practitioners, and subject matter experts with key insights about how to transform social and political divides.