Formerly the Center for Entertainment and Civic Health

America, we have a problem.

Americans feel divided and disconnected from each other – we all sense it. Our social fabric grows more frayed by the day, steadily eroding America’s civic health and democratic norms.

How did we get here?

America is trapped in a damaging cycle of political polarization and social division. No matter whether you identify as progressive, conservative, or something else altogether, the widening rifts in our country are harming us all. Our ability as Americans to live together, govern together, and solve big problems together vanishes when we see our fellow citizens as enemies. Whether from our politicians, social media feeds, or cable news shows, “conflict entrepreneurs” feed us narratives of division every day.

Storytellers can show us a different way. We believe the entertainment industry has a powerful role to play in helping us overcome the “us versus them” dynamics that are fracturing our country.

Enter the storytellers.

Enter the narrative shifters.

Entertainment can offer America a different script.

Bridge Entertainment Labs accelerates the creation of content that fosters social cohesion and pluralistic norms. We empower storytellers to reach broad cross-partisan audiences, model healthy conflict around societal fault lines, and build authentic, multidimensional characters with diverse points of view.

Our mission is to inspire and support the creation of content that transforms the way Americans see and engage with each other across divides.